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what to do when the dog catches the car?
it’s been a crazy week and the week that’s about to follow won’t get any less hectic. it’s great to have multiple shows in a week, something that regular artists may be used to, but the cusp-artists (you know, on the cusp of leaving the regular 9 to 5 and being a full-time musician/artist) live something different entirely.

there’s always things that we wish were easier. we wish that we had more time to just focus on the craft and not worry about the grueling, technical side (business side) of pursuing your art. the making sure the rent is paid. making sure the bank account isn’t getting into the negative. the making sure that upcoming shows are promoted. so, then all of a sudden you not only have the job of an artist but also an accountant, promoter and booking agent.
and quite honestly it becomes easy to become cynical. so, on thursday oct. 14th when i had to go to black mountain, nc for the LEAF festival to perform with my bros the Secret B-Sides, i saw the show as a much needed emotional vacation. the drive is about 2.5 hours and making the trip alone can be frustrating (especially when there’s a shortage in the wire connected to your ipod making all the music come out of one speaker).  Read More »

i know i’m a tad bit late with this one, but the news is awesome all the same. wnyu’s halftime radio show hosted by dj eclipse played “falling” and we definitely appreciate the love. i will have a link to download the playlist soon. check out the visual playlist after the jump. thanks to eclipse and the halftime crew. much love & respect. Read More »

what’s up yall? we are back in full effect. the guerrilla tactics tour is jumping off and these are the details for the columbia, sc show. make it out there. more info to come.

when it comes to music nowadays, there’s a few things that artists have wrong: 1) the fans don’t owe us anything, we OWE THE FANS and 2) don’t always expect the people to come to you, go to the people instead.

introducing the guerrilla tactics tour in support of the ‘rebel radio’ project (BUY NOW). the idea is to have non conventional shows, DIY attitude (we bring our own equipment, set up shop etc.) and have em for free-99. here’s the dates we have for right now (southeast for now but more dates are being added now). see you there. any info email HERE.

09/16/10 Five $ Bill w/ Homeboy Sandman, Likwid Stylez (Columbia, SC)*
09/18/10 ASAP Block Party hosted by Preach Jacobs (Charleston, SC)
09/25/10 ShannonSTOCK (Charlotte,NC) w/ Sons of Young
09/30/10 Mo’ Betta Soul w/ Res (Columbia, SC)*
10/01/10 Pyramid Music (Augusta, GA)
10/02/10 Free-Times Music Crawl (Columbia, SC)*
10/16/10 Tattoo Trillionaires (Columbia, SC) w/ Open Mike Night
10/22/10 Black Sheep Skate Shop (Charlotte, NC)

*these are not guerrilla dates but shows w/ preach jacobs
**dates are subject to change and be added. keep your eyes open.

for all our digital fans out there, you can now purchase the new ep on iTunes. for those that still want to get the limited edition hard copy cd (that includes a bonus disc and autograph) you can still do so by clicking HERE. enjoy.

we finally have the rebel radio cds in stock and they are pretty frickin’ awesome. the artwork was done by yours truly and if you order the cds now (before they hit itunes in two weeks) you’ll get them autographed and with a free bonus disc. these are considered limited editions because there’s only going to be 500 units pressed up before it’s exclusively digital. so BUY A COPY NOW.

“Done preaching to the choir”
Music maker wants to spread the word of hip hop to new audiences by Otis Taylor

Some first-row fans clamber to the front of general admission concerts only to sing their favorite songs and take a photo soon to be uploaded to Facebook and Twitter.

Others, like the guy at the Lupe Fiasco show at the Koger Center in 2007, make the performer notice them.

“Shout out to my man with the dreads,” Fiasco, a Chicago rapper known for his affiliations with Kanye West and Jay-Z, said.

The guy with the dreads was rapping every word. His stretched-out arm, with the palm down, fluttered like rappers do when they’re reciting their lyrics to a beat. It was like the guy in the dreads was performing, too.

The guy was Preach Jacobs.

“I knew all the lyrics to the songs,” Jacobs said. “From a musician’s perspective, I get excited when I see hip-hop heads in the building. Not just young college girls. To have people that look like you that get what you’re doing, I understand how it is.”

Columbia is getting Preach because he’s giving the city something to get. The rapper, writer and party promoter is melding hip-hop into the local art scene. He’s presenting the genre — commercially recognized for its callous violence, drug peddling and store-bought swagger — as an art form.

At Mo’ Betta Soul, the monthly parties he hosts, Preach gives hip-hop fans — no, music fans — a snippet of the culture. He embodies the ethos of hip-hop in its purest form, and that’s not something one can fake. Because in hip-hop parlance, real recognize real. Read More »

the listening/release party for rebel radio will commence thursday august 26th @ immaculate consumption (933 main st. columbia, sc 29201). i know i’ve been slacking with the updates so, i’m so sorry. album will be on itunes soon. enjoy.

rebel radio is coming this august and the single “go back” is getting some good spin. thanks to the homie kevin nottingham for putting it on his “what’s playing on the ipod” feature on his site. enjoy.

1.Black Milk – How Dare You
2.E Reece – Fly Hi
3.Rick Ross – Free Mason (feat Jay-Z & John Legend)
4.Fokis – I’m Into You (feat Big Sence)
5.Jabee – Better (feat King Mez & Carlitta Durand)
6.Trek Life & J.Bizness – Can’t Complain (feat Wyann Vaughn & Oddisee)
7.Dumbfoundead – She Don’t Care (Remix feat Intuition & Nocando)
8.Moe Pope – Foolish (feat Reks)
9.Versis – The Journey(4U)
10.Quake – Closer
11.Preach Jacobs & Katrah-Quey – Go Back
12.Cookin Soul – Summer in Brooklyn
13.Reef the Lost Cauze – Lazy Sunday
14.DaVinci – Clean Ass Whip (feat San Quinn)
15.Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze – Fucking Around (feat Butta Verses)
16.Drop Squad – Lights, Cameras
17.Laws – Hold You Down (Remix feat Emilio Rojas & Big K.R.I.T.)
18.Rico Blox – It’s All Good
19.Theo Martins – 20 Thousand Leagues (The Feather)
20.Blu – Untitled(LovedU)2
21.Vandalyzm – Self Evaluation (Go In) [prod by Khrysis]
22.Black Milk – Welcome (Gotta Go)
23.6th Sense – Inspire

Download: What’s On the iPod: July 2010 v.2 Edition

okay, so a brother’s been busy. not only with the start of sounds familiar records, but also planning the release of the my new ep title ‘rebel radio’ (check out sampler) but there’s also shows that’s being added including the international soul music summit. check out the tours/shows/events section. more to come.

07/29/10 Mo’ Betta Soul Thursdays @ Immaculate Consumption (Columbia, SC)
08/07/10 Gottrocks w/ Artifacts, Foulmouth Jerk, Project Lotus hosted by Preach Jacobs (Greenville, SC)
08/20/10 Kind of Blues: Fundraiser for Nickelodeon Theater & Sounds Familiar Records @ 701 Whaley Gallery (Columbia, SC)
08/20-22/10 International Soul Music Summit (Atlanta, GA)
08/26/10 Mo’ Betta Soul Thursdays @ Immaculate Consumption: Sounds Familiar Release Party (Columbia, SC)


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