Preach Tour Journal: Part 1-LEAF Festival

what to do when the dog catches the car? it’s been a crazy week and the week that’s about to follow won’t get any less hectic. it’s great to have multiple shows in… Continue reading

“Falling” by Preach Jacobs & Denz on Halftime Radio

i know i’m a tad bit late with this one, but the news is awesome all the same. wnyu’s halftime radio show hosted by dj eclipse played “falling” and we definitely appreciate the… Continue reading

Guerrilla Tactics Tour: Columbia, SC @ Tattoo Trillionaires

what’s up yall? we are back in full effect. the guerrilla tactics tour is jumping off and these are the details for the columbia, sc show. make it out there. more info to… Continue reading

Preach Jacobs Goes Guerrilla: GUERRILLA TACTICS TOUR Dates

when it comes to music nowadays, there’s a few things that artists have wrong: 1) the fans don’t owe us anything, we OWE THE FANS and 2) don’t always expect the people to… Continue reading

Preach Jacobs & Katrah-Quey “Rebel Radio” Now on iTunes

for all our digital fans out there, you can now purchase the new ep on iTunes. for those that still want to get the limited edition hard copy cd (that includes a bonus… Continue reading

Order ‘Rebel Radio’ Limited Edition CDs Now + Bonus Disc Included

we finally have the rebel radio cds in stock and they are pretty frickin’ awesome. the artwork was done by yours truly and if you order the cds now (before they hit itunes… Continue reading

Preach Jacobs Interview with The State “Done Preaching to the Choir” by Otis Taylor

“Done preaching to the choir” Music maker wants to spread the word of hip hop to new audiences by Otis Taylor Some first-row fans clamber to the front of general admission concerts only… Continue reading

Preach Jacobs & Katrah-Quey “Rebel Radio EP” Release Party

the listening/release party for rebel radio will commence thursday august 26th @ immaculate consumption (933 main st. columbia, sc 29201). i know i’ve been slacking with the updates so, i’m so sorry. album… Continue reading

“Go Back” featured on “What’s On The Ipod” @

rebel radio is coming this august and the single “go back” is getting some good spin. thanks to the homie kevin nottingham for putting it on his “what’s playing on the ipod” feature… Continue reading

Preach Jacobs @ ISMS in Atlanta/Added Tour Dates

okay, so a brother’s been busy. not only with the start of sounds familiar records, but also planning the release of the my new ep title ‘rebel radio’ (check out sampler) but there’s… Continue reading