Preach Jacobs in Wax Poetics Magazine/New Shows w/ Res

what’s up yall? i’m sorry it’s been a while since i’ve last updated the site but here we go with some good news. first off, if you get your hands on the new… Continue reading

Download: Dice Raw – Dice, Dilla, Pregunta [Mixtape]

ever since questlove posted those dilla/roots remakes on his swift fm page on dilla’s bd, everyone’s been writing to them (me included). well, dice raw went a step further and put out a… Continue reading

Heavy Duty Magazine interviews Preach Jacobs: “Rap Extraordinaire”

“Rap Extraordinaire” Preach Jacobs Interview Preach Jacobs , is like the last of a dying breed, he is truly an artist for art sake and shows in his music, his vibe is usually… Continue reading

Mo’ Betta Soul Online Magazine Launch

what’s up yall? i’m excited to finally let you guys know that mo betta soul online mag is up. it’s still a work in progress so, if you’re a writer, have suggestions or… Continue reading

B.o.B: Southern Graduate Interview w/ Soul Culture by Preach Jacobs

B.oB: Southern Graduate interview by Preach Jacobs Within the realms of Hip Hop there are tons of beat makers, rappers and flat out illiterate sounding assholes, but you rarely hear about musicianship.… Continue reading

New Music: Preach Jacobs + Katrah-Quey “Southern Boy” (Download)

2010 is going to be a busy year because i have TONS of music just waiting for you guys to hear. i just want the timing to be right with all of the… Continue reading

“Falling” video featured in Indie Grits Film Festival

this is exciting. especially since the video just won an ADDY award a couple of weeks ago. the video for “falling” is still making its rounds as it stops by the indie grits… Continue reading

Preach Jacobs New Show Dates

hey yall. it’s that time of year again where i hit the stages and make believers out of folks that had no idea i existed. we have some shows lined up and some… Continue reading

Listening party for “The Greatest Never” by .D. of Helium Music @ The Whig

sup yall? it looks like march 19th is going to be a great day. not only will i be hosting the screening premier of the movie larga vida, pura vida, but it will… Continue reading

Preach Jacobs to launch Mo’ Betta Soul Online Magazine

you know, it’s funny when there’s certain things you tell yourself you’re not going to do, and then you end up doing it anyway. for example, i see thousands of sites with the… Continue reading