Preach Jacobs in Wax Poetics Magazine

the only thing better than seeing your face in your favorite magazine is to see it twice. last issue of wax poetics we mentioned that there was an ad (click here) for the… Continue reading

Columbia City Paper Interview w/ Preach Jacobs & Travis Bland

Reppin’ Columbia Ain’t Easy by Shelby Sachs Preach Jacobs, a local musician and founder of both Mo’ Betta Soul and Sounds Familiar Records, has been enveloped in the creative realm for as long… Continue reading

Preach Jacobs feat. Soul Train ( Soundcheck-Preach Jacobs This has been a good year for music so far. So many artists came back to the scene with good music that you actually wanted to play from beginning to… Continue reading

Preach Jacobs & Katrah-Quey ‘Rebel Radio EP’ Sampler (mixed by Denz)

what’s up yall? first release from sounds familiar records will be the rebel radio ep. here’s the sampler. coming august 2010. enjoy

Mo’ Betta Soul Thursdays 6.24.10/Added Tour Dates

what’s going on yall? so much stuff has been going on including new dates, new music and some more exciting news coming soon concerning something very fly that ya boy is doing. well,… Continue reading

Buy Undefined Magazine Issue 6 w/ Preach Jacobs Interview (and autographed)

sup guys? i know it’s been a while since i’ve updated the site. i’m glad to return with a new interview i had with undefined magazine. it’s the premier arts publication based out… Continue reading

Preach Jacobs Live @ Mood’s Music w/ Res (Video)

what’s up yall? this is preach w/ a quick update. this is going to be a very busy week including a show at apache cafe in atlanta w/ res & kirkland underwater. well,… Continue reading

Mo’ Betta Soul Thurdays

sup yall? i have more stuff coming at ya. allow me to introduce you all to mo’ betta soul thursdays (sponsored by it’s a night with visual art, musical artists, coffee and… Continue reading

RES live @ Apache Cafe w/ Preach Jacobs & Kirkland Underwater

sup yall? i know it’s been a while since i’ve updated the site and all that jazz, but tons have been going on. first up we have some new shows included in the… Continue reading

Remembering Guru Essay: Keith “Guru” Elam (1961-2010)

originally @ the first tape i’ve ever owned was “step in the arena” by gangstarr. i was about 6 years old and my pops let me get it solely because it didn’t… Continue reading