Joy Jones- “Be My Husband” (Nina Simone cover)

okay, when shopping for vinyl, if i don’t know much about the artist, the artwork sometimes makes me wanna cop something and give it a chance. well, while visiting the put me on… Continue reading

Maple St. Sessions Listening Party @ The Whig

this is the flier to the release party @ the whig in columbia, sc. it’s sponsored by the free-times. hope ya can make it, but if you can’t we’ll have enough pics to… Continue reading

MSS feat. on DejaVu FM @ Mr. Mikey’s Futuristic Sounds Podcast & more

back with some more news about MSS. thanks to dj mr. mikey for putting our song ‘oh yes’ (prod. by clokwork) in rotation on his podcast. you can download his newest Futuristic Sounds… Continue reading

Preach & Denz ‘MSS’ feat. on

The homie Preach hit me up earlier this week with an exclusive first listen of his new project with Denz called Maple St. Sessions. The album is real ill and though it’s not… Continue reading

Long Live MJ: The One Presents “Thrill Kill”

OM hip-hop recording artist the one (aka jah freedom) had this idea a while back by combining scenes from the movie ‘killer’ with mj’s ‘thriller.’ i felt it would be great in dedicating… Continue reading

Preach Jacobs & Denz “Maple St. Sessions”

i’m back bidges. sup yall? this is the first look of the new ep “Maple St. Sessions” with Denz (ill producer out of the U.K.) i’m proud of our joint effort which also… Continue reading