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06/13/10 Township Auditorium w/ Preach Jacobs (Columbia, SC)
06/17/10 Cafe Strudel w/ Sons of Young
06/24/10 Mo’ Betta Soul Thursdays @ Immaculate Consumption (Columbia, SC)
07/02/10 Artistry Studios (Greenville, SC)
07/09/10 Mellow Mushroom w/ Gift to Gab, Preach Jacobs, Secret B-Sides (Asheville, NC)
07/29/10 Mo’ Betta Soul Thursdays @ Immaculate Consumption (Columbia, SC)
08/07/10 Gottrocks w/ Artifacts, Foulmouth Jerk, Project Lotus hosted by Preach Jacobs (Greenville, SC)
08/20/10 Kind of Blues: Fundraiser for Nickelodeon Theater & Sounds Familiar Records @ 701 Whaley Gallery (Columbia, SC)
08/20-22/10 International Soul Music Summit (Atlanta, GA)
08/26/10 Mo’ Betta Soul Thursdays @ Immaculate Consumption: Sounds Familiar Release Party (Columbia, SC)

One Comment

  1. I always have and always will be a fan! Keep up the superb work Preach!!!

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