SV for Life: R.I.P Baatin

i don’t have the net at my home right now, because my airport connection is fucked and my phone battery died. who would’ve known that when i got to the net and turn… Continue reading

Blutopia Podcast: “Bloodclot Bangers” Download

sup gangstaz? i have more for you guys as i’ve been working hard on writing for these upcoming projects (more info on that coming soon). anyways, for those that didn’t get it, i’m… Continue reading

Welcome to Blutopia Comic Strip: “Spinnaz”

welcome to blutopia is the brainchild of me and the art of dre with piensa art company. basically it’s loosely based on me being an emcee/photographer/writer (that’s such a stretch right?) and it… Continue reading

Vote for Kam Moye (a.k.a. Supastition)

it’s sunday morning (okay, afternoon) and i’m glad that my internet is working at my apartment. i’m also glad that kam moye a.k.a. supastition is getting a chance to get the props he… Continue reading

Off The Shelf #5: Nicolay & Ugene – Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger) FREE DOWNLOAD

nicolay hands down is probably my favorite producer right now. the success with ‘leave it all behind’ makes me have just a little more faith in the buying public. it was a pleasure… Continue reading

Free Download: 4Shades “Ubiquity”

4Shades is a hip-hop production crew with members from Minneapolis, St. Paul, Milwaukee and Ghana. The group is composed of O-D, Katrah-Quey, G-Mo, Ghana emcee M.anifest. this new project ‘ubiquity’ is a free… Continue reading

Blutopia Podcast: “Afro-Soul” Download

in the habit of rehashing stuff that you may have missed since we’ve revamped the site, i wanted to re-post one of the blutopia podcasts. i’m working on some new ones as we… Continue reading

Preach & Denz’s “Falling” featured on Vapors Magazine

i check my email this morning and see that the maple st. sessions track ‘falling’ is a featured download on vapors magazine. check out the download here. thanks to elosi @ vapors for… Continue reading

Upcoming Shows: Preach will share the stage w/ Slick Rick, BDK & more

hope all is well on your end as i’m pretty frickin’ excited about the upcoming months and shows that are coming up. in particular i’m talking about columbia’s dj prince ice’s 20 year… Continue reading

J.Period & Q-Tip: The [Abstract] Best Volume One

i drove around today and literally listened to nothing but ‘get a hold’ by a tribe called quest. i fucking love that song, and quite frankly i fucking love q-tip and his importance… Continue reading