Preach Jacobs to launch Mo’ Betta Soul Online Magazine

you know, it’s funny when there’s certain things you tell yourself you’re not going to do, and then you end up doing it anyway. for example, i see thousands of sites with the word “soul” in the title, and what do i end up doing for my new online mag? you guessed it. but fuck it, i believe it fits. the site isn’t officially up and running yet, but figured to give a sneak preview for it. it’s going to be called mo’ betta soul magazine and we will have a domain when it’s ready to launch next month.

my goals for the site are a few things: 1) i’m a writer and write for tons of places. but there’s some writings that i have that are too personal for mags i write for or stuff that they just don’t have the space for. so, my online spot is for that and 2) i want to really REALLY get other writers that are heavily involved in music writing, photography, editorials or just good ole fashion personal stories to have a place to express themselves. hopefully there will be so much great content from other people that i can just offer a playground for them to roam around in.

either way, i haven’t been this excited about something in a long time. i also don’t want it to take attention away from but instead act as a cross promotional thing for my work (musical and journalistic alike) and others.

so, again, it’s still in the working process so if anyone wants to contribute, add ideas, suggestions or criticisms (in fact, keep that last part to yourself) hit me up here. again i hope you enjoy it when it officially drops. get the sneak preview here.