The wonderful world of Carminelitta: Interview — Preach Jacobs

Interview with Preach Jacobs by Carminelitta

I have to say I am quite excited to present to you my first ever interview!!! Articles and videos are a good way to discover artists and make you want to know more about them, but reading the artist’s own words is always a plus. An interview is a more direct means of communication and enables artists to make their voice heard.
I am really proud and honoured to be able to be a messenger and allow artists to express themselves through my blog. This is only the beginning, watch this space.
For this first feature, a big thank you to Preach Jacobs for kindly answering my questions and sharing really interesting thoughts.

First of all, I’d like to know how/when you realized you had a gift you wanted to share with the world? How early did your artistic/creative side become clear to you?

I think people that are artistic, don’t see themselves as “sharing a gift” when you begin. There’s tons of insecurity involved and trying to figure out your voice. I think it begins with doing something that helps take your mind off of things, or things that’ll help you cope and feel better. When I was growing up writing and music became paramount. There were things going on in my family dynamics with communicating and my sister who has special needs that were stressful at a young age. Hip-hop and my writing around 11 or 12 really helped me deal with much of it. read more