Introducing [ d ] of heliumusicgroup & “the greatest never” mixtape sampler

okay yall, i usually post up things that i love to listen to. it’s even more of a pleasure to show love to people that i consider family and [d] of the helium music group is what you would call fam. [d] is apart of a production group called helium music (including g and dj ambush) and we will be putting a project together later this year on HiPPNOTT records.

hailing from charlotte, north carolina, [d]’s latest project possess everything we love about boom-bap-dillaesque-soulful-dope-ass-funkin-drums hip-hop that i frequent in my ipod. it’s not enough to talk about it, it’s even better to play it for you. enjoy the mixtape sampler (mixed by dj manipulator). you’re welcome.