Thank You Jay Dee (February 7, 1974 – February 10, 2006)

in celebration of my favorite producer of all time, i wanted to post a couple of dope things that people are doing in memory of jay dee. there’s great news and updates about the yancey estate, and you can read it at

i want to give props to my man kevin ( as the entire week is dedicated to dilla and he has some of the best unreleased and underground stuff from the detroit legend.

here’s a few other things that popped up this week if you guys missed it:
Download: Jaylib vs. J Rocc [mp3] courtesy of Stones Throw a 30 min. mix by j-rocc.

DJ Rasta Root: The Rest of Dilla Vol. 1

Generation Next 5-Hour Radio Tribute to Dilla (i can only find link to first hour but you can peep it here).

Questlove’s SwiftFM page (all you need)

hope that’s enough to hold you over. anything else i see will be added. peace and love and we must honor people who dedicated their lives to giving us great music.

preach & ms. yancey a.k.a ma dukes