Carlitta Durand & Vaughn Garcia – The Doug & Patty EP

okay, besides the fact that carlitta durand is one of the dopest indy singers out there, i’m just geeked at the fact they they’re paying tribute to one of my a favorite cartoons ‘doug’. a show that proved that through racial differences blue and green people can live together. it’s easy to miss out on dope music during the holiday shuffle, but i’m glad i came across this.

don’t say i didn’t give yall anything for christmas. ez.

01 Intro
02 Official
03 Lost Love f. Jabee
04 Doug’s Funny Love
05 Mustard and Mayonnaise (Skit)
06 Super Nova
07 Judy’s Room (Interlude)
08 Ode 2 Patty Mayonnaise (Skit)
09 Ode 2 Patty Mayonnaise
10 Alright f. Big Chopps
11 Always

Carlitta Durand & Vaughn Garcia – The Doug & Patty EP Download