‘MSS’ review on MuphoricSounds.com. Preview the song ‘Forest Whitaker’ & more

i gotta say biggups to my girl vanessa over at muphoricsounds.com for all the love and support. she’s been very supportive of the ‘maple st. sessions’ project and i want to thank all the people that’s supported/copped/stole/downloaded it. for those that want to cop it please check out the music/store section.

i guess the great thing about this project is that everyone seems to have their own favorite song on the record. and it seems that everyone loves the track ‘forest whitaker’ (which i have some ideas if we’re going to try and do a video eventually. but for now the video for ‘oh yes’ is next).

at any rate, please check out the review here and be sure to preview the cuts and watch the video for “falling” if you haven’t already. okay, is that enough self promotion? anyways, hope you guys enjoy.

Preach Jacobs & Denz ‘Maple St. Sessions’ review on MuphoricSounds.com