On Point Magazine interviews Preach Jacobs

Preach Jacobs Maple St. Sessions Interview
We’re fans of doing things on our own and being guerilla about it. So, when he moved back to Japan he suggested I come out and do some shows because the scene was so vibrant out there. He basically booked the gigs and I flew out there and had the best time of my life!

How did you & Denz hook up to do the project?

I was working on some stuff with Marc Mac of 4Hero and they’re all family. Denz caught wind of my older project “Garveyism” and we just started talking and working casually. That’s what I love about the project, is the fact that it came out of a pure place. There was no pressure to do it. We made it and decided it needs to get out there.

How did you come up with title “Maple St. Sessions” for the Ep?

I live on Maple Street (hope not to get any stalkers), but that’s where all of my creativity lies. I even shot my video for “Falling” in my place. It’s my zone, my sanctuary. So, I’m a big Blue Note Records fan and loved all of those jazz albums where they would record an entire performance at a certain place and it would be the address with the word “sessions” at the end. I believe the project has that organic jazz feel to it.

How would describe the overall direction for this project?

I think the main direction is just a fucking fun record. I remember listening to this Q-Tip mixtape and he said something like, people enjoy Tribe’s records so much is because it was made out of honesty and having a good time. People respond to that, and I remember growing up wanting to hang out with them dudes because they enjoyed what they were doing. That’s why I love being personal, especially in the “Falling” video getting shots of my family and baby pictures of me, because it’s me. I believe the music reflects that.