At the Movies: “Ballast” hits DVD.

it’s very rare that you find a movie trailer that leaves you speechless, and even more rare when there’s almost no talking in the entire clip, but ‘ballast’ was able to do both when i first heard about this indy film after sundance last year.

writer/director lance hammer tells the story of a single-mother and her son torn apart after a family tragedy while living in the mississippi delta. the movie deals with drug problems, death, poverty, torn families and people trying to rebuild them. hammer’s haunting depiction of these rural people is enough to make you reflect and count your blessings. the movie is shot with a personal eye and is void of a score forcing you to live in the turmoil with the characters (also led to a directing and cinematography award in the 2008 sundance film festival). we complain about the lack of quality films with a predominant african-american cast, well here is one that’s probably the best indy film of ’08.

check out the trailer: