Preach Jacobs & Denz “Falling” mentioned @ WhenT.R.O.Y Blogspot

Trav’s Five Most Played of the Week (The + 1 Edition) by Trav
Preach Jacobs & Denz – Falling
This dude Preach seems to find himself in and out of my musical knowledge ever so often, and I am glad he’s found his way back into my subconscious this time around. One of the few message boards I frequent is The Lawn, the Justus League forums. It was on there that I downloaded a couple tracks from this poster named “Preach”. The songs were great and among my favorites of that year. They also happened to be produced by Nicolay, who at that time was riding high from the Foreign Exchange debut fame. I actually contacted Preach about doing an interview on WYDU in it’s infancy, by nothing ever became of it. From there, I lost contact with him. A year or so later, he drops his album “Graveyism”, which while dry in some places, was still a good album. Then he disappears again. Until earlier this week, when Kevin Nottingham dropped a video for “Falling” in my inbox.

I’ll admit, I don’t get around to too many blogs these days anymore, so I haven’t seen Preach and Denz (an UK producer) popping up on blogs since earlier this summer, but when I listened to the video, I was taken back. Preach is back with a producer in Denz, and they drop “The Maple Street Sessions” EP. While I haven’t anything else off of it as of yet, the single “Falling”, has been getting a lot of play in the past two days. The beat uses a shrill vocal sample with a high pitch that does wonders over the soft keys laid down. It all allows Preach to provide some thought provoking, which is what he is good at. I’m still getting my bearings on the lyrics (I’m a beat first type of person), but he lives up to his name, but in an entertaining way, much like a poet. This will continue to get play on the iPod/computer/car.