New Show: Preach Jacobs w/ Mr. Invisible & Cool Kid Collective @ Hookah Joes

okay, my goal was to stay away from doing shows until my trip to london at the beginning of december (more info on that coming soon). but this show was a little to hard to pass up. it’s going to be in asheville w/ mr. invisible. if you need to see some fly shit as to why i’m going to do this show, just peep them out here.

and while we’re talking about videos, if you haven’t peeped the video for “Falling” then shoot yourself if you’re on my site! again, please pass it along, put it on your FB pages and be sure to cop the cd (with a free autograph) from our music/store section.

oh, and btw thanks to all the people that’s shown love to the video. here’s a few spots i wanted to say thanks to for showcasing the video (check out what people are saying and feel free to add on to the comments):
Flawless Hustle
Strange Fruit Music

that’s it for now and more to come. love yall. ez