Beats w/ all D’Angelo samples: “Smack Yo Ass Pull Your Hair” Download

word be bond, d’angelo’s ‘voodoo’ is my favorite album. i often tell people it’s the greatest record made since i was born. agree or disagree, it’s my frickin opinion. my debut ‘garveyism’ was highly inspired by the almost 10-year-old d’angelo album. it felt like a vintage soul record. the warm analogue feel. the sequencing. the lack of digital perfection. full of flaws and emotion.

so, when i came across this post on by someone who simply goes by the name chris p talking about a beat tape he made full of d’angelo samples, i decided to post it on here asap.

i haven’t heard it yet (cuz i’m downloading it now) but if it’s wack i’ll find his email address so you can harrass him. but something tells me that if you need his info, it’ll be to praise him. don’t say i never gave yall nuthin.

Download: “Smack Yo Ass Pull Your Hair” now