The Find Magazine interview w/ Preach Jacobs

The Find Magazine interview with Preach Jacobs
Sometimes you get in touch with an artist and you just know you’ll hear a lot more of him in the (near) future. Preach Jacobs is one of them. Next to his solo efforts, he collaborates with artists as Marc Mac (4Hero) and Denz and brings honest music with a very fresh vibe. Asher Roth and B.o.B. in XXL’s Class of ‘09? Forget about them. Preach Jacobs is definitely in our “Class of 2010″.

Preview: Preach Jacobs & Denz – Falling
Can you explain to readers who don’t know you yet, why they should listen to Preach Jacobs?

Should is such a strong word. I guess what I could say is that, I believe that I’m the type of artist I would love to listen to. People support what they relate to, and I feel the music responds to the common man, the average person dealing with the same stuff I’m dealing with. Trying to pay bills, falling in love with chicks that give you headaches, having a dream, these are the things the average listener goes through that I don’t think enough hip-hop artists do when they get to a certain point. I mean, how many of us can relate to an artist having a million dollar chain? Huge house? Shit, most of the listeners are like me: Trying to stay above water.

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