Shootin’ the Breeze: “Bumpin’ the Return of the Purple Tape”

i’m not gonna front: in my juvenille ignorance, i had no idea that everything on ‘only built for cuban linx’ was crack rap. half the slang wu used, my 12-year-old mind couldn’t fully grasp. hell, i even thought the back cover with him and the coffee pot was because HE LIKED COFFEE! i got excited feeling that we had something in common, and at 12-years-old drinking coffee was as far as my gangsta experiences got. but the songs were fucking amazing and the production had me hooked. it’s nice to know that 15-years late that rae is still able to do it and that there’s enough fans that understand the sound.

so, it’s a no brainer to post the latest shootin’ the breeze w/ dj cannon banyon and midi marc (and hosted by chef raekwon himself).

if you don’t know midi marc, he’s one of the shining up and coming producers from south carolina (i.e. ‘south coca’ in which he did the beat) and you can check out more of his stuff on his myspace page. enjoy.

Download Shootin’ the Breeze “Bumpin the Return of the Purple Tape” now.