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sup guys? the “maple st. sessions” cds are here and we’re ready to get them on and popping for you guys. the digital release is oct. 27th and we’re powering the cd sales with some special gifts coutesy of schiphop.com. you can pre-order the cds now and for $10 you’ll get the “maple st. sessions” cd + autograph + exclusive sampler titled “introducing preach jacobs” that will include remixes and goodies you won’t find anywhere else. (there’s also a deal to get both “maple st. sessions” and “garveyism” for $15).

at any rate, order them now because ya boy preach is trying to go across the pond to london town and every little bit helps. well, aside from that order it because it’s a damn good record. order it and let me know what you think about the record. we have more shows coming up in support of the project and we’ll keep you all tuned.

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