Pre-Order ‘Maple St. Sessions’ CD from hits London/Review on ThisIsBooksMusic

what’s up yall? there’s tons of stuff going on. first and foremost you guys can pre-order ‘maple st. sessions’ cd now from you can preview the joints and enjoy it. the official digital date is october 27th.

there’s tons of things going on right now, including a bunch of shows (and actually some shows that may be postponed due to me heading overseas). i’ll have some dates in london in november, so i’ll keep you guys posted when i get those things squared away.

more to come, sorry for the quick update but ya boy got a new macbook and trying to get all my old stuff on here. more stuff coming up soon. ez.

p.s. right when i finished this, my man john book (one of my favorite music writers) told me about a write up he just put on his site. check out his MSS review here. thanks for the love!

Pre-Order ‘Maple St. Sessions’ now from UGHH.COM