Two Films You Need to See: “Still Bill”/”Precious”

“it’s okay to head out to wonderful. but on the way to wonderful you’re going to have to pass through ‘alright.’ and when you get to alright, take a look around, get used to it. cause that maybe as good as it gets.”
one of my favorite artists pretty much disappeared after 1985 and i wondered what he was up to. this new documentary about bill withers and his continued passion for music is as inspiring as it comes. can’t wait for it to hit my town. check out the trailer.

and last but not least, i’m going to admit that i’ve given tyler perrya hard time. even though i doubt he cares while he’s swimming in his millions of dollars like scruge mcduck, he has my respect by getting behind this project titled ‘precious.’ the story is about a teenage girl dealing with a drug addicted mother, fathering two children and living in the inner city. the trailer absolutely sent chills down my spine and i can see why oprah and tyler got behind this movie. please do yourself a favor and check this out as well.

…and even though i said two movies, i’m tired to find the trailer to chris rock’s ‘good hair.’ my hat’s off to the black films in the upcoming months. enjoy. church!