“Maple St. Sessions” Will Be Available 10.27.09 on R2 Records/Listening Parties Added

sup guys? i’m very excited with the news about ‘MSS’ being picked up by london based label R2 records. it will be available with world wide digital distribution and in selected retail store front outlets will carry the cds (more info on that as it comes in). it will also be available here on preachjacobs.com with some goodies thrown in the bag.

also, we have a few shows coming up including an official listening party at situations lounge in charlotte, nc. it’s going to be a dope ass show and will also include my peoples the secret b-sides.

there will also be a listening party for the record oct. 24th at mood’s music in atlanta, ga. the premier spot for independent soul/hip hop and funk. more info is coming with that too (including the flyer later this week).

thank yall for the love and dedication. there’s more to come, i promise. ez