Kooley High – Kooley is High (Mixtape) Free Download

i guess great minds think alike. i always loved the de la soul ‘stakes is high’ cover and decided to page homage with an old release i did called ‘baby blus’ (check the cover out here). so, when i heard about these cats from raleigh, nc called kooley high and saw their cover, i knew i’d love the music. and i was right. i’ve been on these guys for a minute, and the fact that i was working on a new podcast made me want to put this free download they have up. it’s dope rhymes, jazzy beats and just good music all around. download the kooley is high (mixtape) here.

1. Intro(ducing)
2.Gettin’ Up (Remix)
3.Daykeeper (Kooley High Remix)
4.Phonte’s Movie in a Minute
5. Stay Up (Young N’ Fresh Remix) feat. HaLo
6. Flow Glow (Kooley High Remix)
7. I’m Fresh (Remix)
8. Due Process (Kooley High Remix)
9. G Building (Foolery Koolery High Remix)
10. Bodega (HaLo Remix)
11. Jacques Cousteau
12. Kooley is High
13. Soldier (Kooley High Remix)
14. Rude Bwoy
15. The Next Episode (Foolery’s Fooldogg Remix)
16. Trix (1983 Kooley High Remix)
17. The Light (Outro)
18. Worldwide (BONUS TRACK)


Download Kooley High-Kooley is High (Mixtape)