World Of Hip-Hop August 09′ Hosted & Mixed By Denz

what’s going on guys? sorry for the delay in updates, but i’ve been busy as hell. it’s about 1 a.m. on tuesday morning and i’ve been recording new stuff all day for new projects in the works. not to mention new developments on the MSS project.

speaking of which, biggups to my partner in crime dj denz and the latest edition of the Nuwave Radio podcast featuring “falling” off of maple st. sessions. it’s produced by denz and we’re still finishing the video up on it which should be for your viewing pleasure in the next few weeks.

also, biggups to dez parkes and his interview with Erik Rico & Terry Bello as they talk about the International Soul Music Summit. dopeness indeed.

it’s been a crazy past couple of days including me hanging out with 9th wonder and david banner in winston salem, nc. it was a great night and they couldn’t have been more humble and approachable. here’s a funny ass video of when we were hanging at 9th’s-brother’s-kitchen table (i know that’s a mouth full).

rest in peace DJ AM.