SV for Life: R.I.P Baatin

J Dilla, Baatin, T3 By Mpozi
i don’t have the net at my home right now, because my airport connection is fucked and my phone battery died. who would’ve known that when i got to the net and turn my phone on that i’ll be struck with more bad news? baatin of slum village has passed away, and i don’t know anymore details than that. all i know is that hip-hop is hurting. detroit is hurting. i’m hurting. i love slum village and to lose two people from this groundbreaking group just shatters me. if you don’t know about baatin or slum download this free mixtape by slum village called ‘remember the classics.’ my day is jacked up. rest in peace.

Download Slum Village “Remember the Classics Mixtape” now.