Blutopia Podcast: “Bloodclot Bangers” Download

sup gangstaz? i have more for you guys as i’ve been working hard on writing for these upcoming projects (more info on that coming soon). anyways, for those that didn’t get it, i’m reposting another Blutopia Podcast for ya. it’s all on some boom-bap hip-hop tip, so i hope you enjoy it. download the Blutopia Podcast: “Bloodcot Bangers” here. it’s raining here in south coca right now, and i’m just trying to stay awake long enough to finish some deadlines. can’t wait to see ‘funny people’ tonight. yall have a good one, and keep ya eyes open for what’s comin’. it’s a celebration bidges!

Download Blutopia Podcast: “Bloodclot Bangers” now
check out the tracklisting here.