Vote for Kam Moye (a.k.a. Supastition)

it’s sunday morning (okay, afternoon) and i’m glad that my internet is working at my apartment. i’m also glad that kam moye a.k.a. supastition is getting a chance to get the props he deserve. he’s a monster on the mic and one of the best lyricist, period. support him by voting for him for the complex rising icon campaign. here’s more info from kam’s newsletter (since i’m too lazy to try and paraphrase it):

Kam Moye has been selected by Complex Magazine and Grey Goose Vodka as the NC representative for their Rising Icons campaign. This is a huge opportunity for promotion. The winner gets a live performance on BET’s Rising Icons special. Complex Magazine and Grey Goose will be organizing a showcase for Kam Moye in Charlotte next month providing the attendees with FREE Grey Goose vodka and much more. Please take a second to vote for Kam Moye as the Top Rising Icon. You will need a valid email address to cast your vote.

You may vote at Here is the direct link. To vote, simply go to the page and click on “VOTE FOR KAM MOYE”. It will ask you to enter your email address and additional info. *Internet Explorer users must press the “Tab” key twice after entering your first and last name to scroll down to the “Submit” button*

that’s it yall. help support. for people that know him should do it, and if you aren’t familiar with him (shame on you) here’s a download of his free digital ep he released last year titled kam moye ‘self centered’ ep.

Download Kam Moye ‘Self Centered’ EP now.