Off The Shelf #5: Nicolay & Ugene – Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger) FREE DOWNLOAD

nicolay hands down is probably my favorite producer right now. the success with ‘leave it all behind’ makes me have just a little more faith in the buying public. it was a pleasure being able to work with him and to show how cool of a dude he is, he leaves exclusive treats on his site for-zee-free. latest installment is nicolay & ugene-love is in control (finger on the trigger).

also, if you didn’t check it out he also has other treats with a section his site called off the shelf. keep up with it as he’ll be dropping stuff there on the regular. and it maybe a little old, but fug it, check out my interview with nicolay for vapors magazine. more to come.

Download Nicolay & Ugene-Love is in Control (finger on the trigger)