Blutopia Podcast: “Afro-Soul” Download

in the habit of rehashing stuff that you may have missed since we’ve revamped the site, i wanted to re-post one of the blutopia podcasts. i’m working on some new ones as we speak but thought it’ll be dope for you guys to have an opportunity to check it out if you’ve missed it (remember that NBC campaign that was like “if you’ve missed it, it’s new to you”? yea, it’s sorta like that). well, you can download blutopia podcast: afro-soul here. i snatched a pic by thierry legoues from his book ‘soul’ which is fantastic as hell.

also, a few more things for ya. biggups to my homie rachel and her fly-ass blogspot called the target queen for showing the new project some love. you can peep her post she made here. not to mention she’s a fly ass visual artist (and she’s with a fly photographer. artistic people unite). you can check her art on her official site and charles’s site at keep your eyes open for more. thanks yall.

Download Blutopia Podcast: “Afro-Soul”. check out the tracklisting here.