J.Period & Q-Tip: The [Abstract] Best Volume One

i drove around today and literally listened to nothing but ‘get a hold’ by a tribe called quest. i fucking love that song, and quite frankly i fucking love q-tip and his importance to hip-hop. even though it’s been out a while, i just thought it would be fitting to put j.period’s mixtape the abstract best volume one up for those that haven’t heard it. j.period is probably my favorite dj making mixtapes right now and with good reason, he’s thorough as hell. not only are the re-envisioned songs dope as hell (like de la soul doing their version of tribe’s ‘excursions’) but he has the people involved with tip tell stories behind the songs (two in particular that i love are the stories about the making of ‘we got that jazz’ and how ‘award tour’ came to be). not much more to say but to download this and love it. it’s been in heavy rotation in my iPod since it came out and i can’t wait for volume 2. peace yall….and boom goes the dynamite. download here now.