Look @ Me Showcase: Secret B-Sides

okay, this is more of highlighting dope ass people i know/enjoy, and i’m a big fan of these guys. based out of asheville (a.k.a. hasheville), north carolina, secret b-sides by far is one of the illest unsigned bands in the country right now. for anyone that knows me, knows that i don’t make bold statements like many rappers do. how many times are they like “this is the best song on earff! skeet, skeet, skeet!” i try to be realistic about these things and trust me, after seeing b-sides live (and working with them) i’m more than impressed.

you have guitar/lead vocals (juan holladay), bass (shayne heather), wurlitzer (jeff k’norr) and drums (robin tolleson) for a sound that is a hybrid of soul/electronic and funk. holladay’s voice is reminiscent of jay kay of jamiroquai and a unique sound on guitar that is a style of his own.

enough of the endless praise, and more of the music. check em out here on myspace and you need to cop it here.

they’re planning a tour as we speak and yours truly will be on stage with them next month. i’ll keep you posted. more to come.