Preach featured on Columbia Cool (w/ WACH 57 Columbia): “Preach, hip hop artist- Refreshing & Intoxicating”

written by krisi mclendon
I was recently in Charleston for the Harbor Festival and ended up at a late night bar. The cover to get in was something like $5 bucks, but the talent inside had me captivated. My friend and I found ourselves “bobbing our heads to the music”, and before we knew it we were no longer talking with each other, but listening to this hip-hop artist. He was incredibly talented.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Preach from Columbia, SC”
What, this awesome hip-hop talent from COLUMBIA? Yes, it is true he’s from good ‘ole Columbia. I approached his brother that was at the show and got his information, we quickly became acquainted with each other and he handed me a signed copy of his album, “Garveyism” (released on 2006). Here’s the review on it (click here)!

Being an artist myself, I’m so inspired by people who put themselves out there and go after their dreams. There are very few people who are willing to put everything else aside to follow their heart and pursue their true talents. Artists are so passionate about life and have so much to share, and I want readers to experience the motivation and inspiration that I do when I meet these captivating performers/artists.
So the story goes, we met at a local breakfast joint in town and I interviewed him… two minutes in I knew it was going to be good. He’s an incredible person. I feel like I should do a follow up interview because after I left brunch I came up with so many more questions.
I’ve added several links at the end of the blog. You can search him on iTunes, “Preach”. Check them out and I hope you enjoy!
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