The Only MJ Tribute You Need: “MJ We Love You” by J-Rocc

after the untimely passing of michael jackson, i really couldn’t say much. i immediately threw on ‘off the wall’ and listened in silence. luckily, if i couldn’t find the words, other notable musicians and celebs had things to say. sometimes saying exactly what i needed/agreed with like phonte’s tribute blog, other times things that left me somewhat angry like the interview with quincy at, and then there were the music tributes.

after the passing of dilla, j-rocc released four volumes of ‘we love you jay dee’ (which you can find on stones throw). it’s great to see he’s keeping up the great work of dedicating our fallen heroes with his latest tribute called Michael Jackson We Love You (download here). it’s absolutely beautiful. and not to mention, j.period’s dedication called ‘Man or the Music’ (download).

hope yall enjoy. more to come.