Long Live MJ: The One Presents “Thrill Kill”


OM hip-hop recording artist the one (aka jah freedom) had this idea a while back by combining scenes from the movie ‘killer’ with mj’s ‘thriller.’ i felt it would be great in dedicating great mj inspired material to help us with our lost. here’s more info:

The story behind thrill kill:
The story behind the remix album…swiped from Om records blog:
In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Thriller, Thelonious Onederful Esquire aka THE ONE just hit me with his new concept remix soundtrack album ‘Thrill Kill.’ Using elements and samples from Thriller, he devised a new soundtrack to go along with his favorite movie ‘The Killer’ directed by John Woo. Using samples from the legendary Thriller album, THE ONE gives us a new interpretation of the songs designed specially for scenes in ‘The Killer.’ Make sure to peep each song all the way through as the flips the beats in multiple styles and up to three times on some tracks. This is strictly for fun and promotional use only. Don’t be afraid.

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